Big News!

Big News!

We’ve got big news here at Badger Hill! We have successfully registered a new Community Benefit Society (CBS) with the Financial Conduct Authority. It’s an important step towards a fresh start at Badger Hill  and is designed to return the football club to community ownership.  

Subject to further negotiations, the plan is that the newly named Frome Town CBS will take on a long-term lease for Badgers Hill Stadium from Frome Town Council. The CBS will then work together with the football clubs and the wider community to ensure that the site becomes “a thriving and dynamic community asset which brings sporting, social, cultural, economic and educational value to the residents of Frome”.

The exciting part of being a Community Benefit Society is that it provides the opportunity for football fans and town residents to “own the future” – everyone will be able to become a member and influence the direction and decisions by the society – it works transparently, openly and inclusively. It is  an opportunity for everyone to become members, get involved and steer the direction of the club and how it’s facilities are used: The football club becomes our club

For more information about how to get involved go to our about pages…

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This blog is for News from the new Frome Town Community Benefit Society (Registration Number: 9017) - details about the organisation can be viewed at the Financial Conduct Authority website. Learn more about community ownership on the Footballer Supporter Association website, and if you want to see an inspiring example of a community owned football club, have a look at Lewes FC. Contact:

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